On 8th December 2022, Starbucks introduces its first batch of American beta testers to Starbucks Odyssey, a blockchain-based loyalty programme and NFT community. The new project is an expansion of Starbucks’ current loyalty programme, Starbucks Rewards, and makes use of web3 technology, such as the polygon blockchain and NFTs. It also contains NFTs with a coffee theme that relate to actual experiences. The Odyssey marketplace will allow for the purchase and sale of the NFTs when it launches in 2023. NFT ownership is protected on the blockchain and is powered by Nifty Gateway in this component.

Starbucks Odyssey was created as a method for its most devoted consumers to gain access to a wider range of prizes beyond the current benefits they can obtain, such as free drinks. Odyssey instead launches a brand-new platform where users can participate in interactive activities. Members will start receiving Stamps, a coffee-themed NFT hosted on the Polygon blockchain, at about 500 points. Additionally, these Stamps open up unique experiences. Three tiers of advantages and experiences will be available for unlocking. On the more affordable end, these could be online encounters, such as a virtual course that teaches you how to mix an espresso martini or gives you access to one-of-a-kind artisan goods. You could eventually start to have access to real-world experiences at special events organized by Starbucks as you accumulate more points and NFTs.

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