The world’s most expensive NFT ever sold is a blue extraterrestrial wearing a bandana named CryptoPunks 5822. Deepak Thapliyal, the CEO of Chain, a firm providing blockchain infrastructure, is the owner of this NFT. According to the most recent report from blockchain analytics company Nansen, CryptoPunks 5822, which sold for a staggering US $23.4 Million, is the most valuable NFT ever. With its 10,000-piece NFT collection, CryptoPunks has topped the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Purchases.
One of the rarest types of CryptoPunks, this digital avatar is an alien kind who wears a blue bandana; just 0.09% of punks possess this quality. Unique characteristics raise the avatar’s worth.

What is CryptoPunks

The CryptoPunks are algorithmically created 24×24 pixel art images. The majority are scruffy-looking males and females, but there are also some uncommon individuals like apes, zombies, and even the occasional alien. Each punk has a profile page that details their characteristics and ownership or for-sale status.

Project CryptoPunks is unique. It’s one of the initial NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain, to start with. It began months before CryptoKitties, a well-known cat breeding blockchain game/NFT project, was launched. Its value comes from being one of the pioneering initiatives of its sort.

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