Ava Labs, a creator of the Avalanche blockchain, and Amazon Web Service (AWS) have partnered to provide support to the portfolio of Web3 services. Avalanche supports the optimization of Web3 features including Subnets, NFTs, and Web3-based games. All of these features operate according to Avalanche’s own rulebook, which makes use of unique tokens chosen by the sub-developer. This partnership will provide “new tooling for Avalanche’s infrastructure and ecosystem” and broaden the use of blockchain to “new geographies and client groups.”

Under this development, government agencies will be able to use the Avalanche blockchain for upcoming projects even though they must abide by data control requirements thanks to AWS GovCloud’s integration of Avalanche nodes to store government-related data. Ava Labs will also become a member of the AWS Activate and AWS Partner networks in order to provide resources and growth tools to help tech firms better spread knowledge about blockchain technology.
After this news, AVAX, Avalanche’s native token, is increased by 13.5% to $14.55 in the last 24 hours.

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